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Urban Dwell Granny Flats Central Coast About Us

Bound together by a shared interest in the building construction and modular industry, the founding Directors of Urban Dwell Granny Flats emerged from different but complimentary disciplines: a graduate of architecture, a builder, an entrepreneur and a developer, all with a lifetime of experience. Urban Dwell Granny Flats Central Coast About Us

From the outset there was no grand plan and no shiny corporate strategy, just a common belief in the power of modular technology, sustainable home construction, good design and innovation. Moreover the Directors recognised the need for an alternative construction method with the ability to create versatile and habitable spaces in a controlled environment. Urban Dwell Granny Flats started building manufactured buildings for the Park industry and the manufactured housing market.

In the early days we worked on designing modular homes for our own lifestyle parks, but when we ran out of our own sites, we progressed into building for external clients. We offered a value-for-money offsite modular solution for a wide range of uses. From there it has quickly moved into secondary dwellings and granny flats.

Urban Dwell Granny Flats is a vertically integrated company and it can lead you through the entire construction process. We offer a range of services from master planning and design to project management, development management, council approvals management through to turn key projects.

Urban Dwell Granny Flats Central Coast About Us

Urban Dwell Granny Flats Central Coast About Us

10 Gibbens Road, West Gosford, NSW 2250

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