Approval Process


Have you considered the approval process? Do you require DA Approval or approval through a private certifier?  The approval of the construction of a granny flat or a secondary dwelling has become much simpler with the NSW governments legislation Affordable Housing Statement Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) for further information about the requirements to ensure your secondary dwelling project does not require council approval please refer to



The Builder

  • Insurance – Does your intended builder have all the right insurances for this project? Ask to see their current insurance policies and be aware of what these cover.
  • Licensed – Is your builder licensed and ask to see their valid licenses? With using unlicensed workers, you run the risk of substandard workmanship, financial hardship and at times worse. Be aware that if you hire an unlicensed builder, you could be liable for on the job injuries sustained by an unlicensed person and their employees. For further information visit
  • Experience – How many years experience has your builder had in the construction industry?
  • The Complete Project – Is your builder taking care of all aspects including design, build, interior, finishes and all legal and approval processes?
  • Communication – How will your builder keep you informed during the building process?
  • References – Ask for references. Seek out other properties they have built and  speak to those owners to ask of their experience with the builder and if they are satisfied with their finished product.
  • Be cautious of any builder who asks to be paid in cash or requires total payment up front.


The Quotation / Inclusions

It is natural to seek out the cheapest quotation, but it is very important to know what is included for the price. Cheapest does not always mean the best, and you should keep in mind the old saying, “you get what you pay for”. Be wary of builders who offer an unusually special low price or ask if you would like to have a discounted price if you pay in cash.

Quotes can sometimes be like apples and oranges, so comparing prices can often be quite difficult. Many a home owner has come near completion only to find out there are added expenses which were never included in the quote. Urban Dwell Granny Flats will provide you a complete quote with all inclusions and exclusions. There will be no hidden costs.

Consideration should be taken with the following.

  • What is actually included in the whole price. Are there other parts of the project that are not included which will be of further cost to you.
  • Quality of the materials used.
  • Quality of the inclusions such as taps, lights, switches, etc.
  • Quality of the kitchen. Builders rarely make the kitchens themselves. Find out who is making those and do your due diligence on that company and verify the quality of their products.
  • Does it include cooktop, oven and rangehood.
  • Does it include a hot water system and is it gas or electric.
  • Where needed, does it include gas piping and heater sockets.
  • Does it include the connection of electrical cabling to the existing house and the upgrading of the switchboard to suit the added load, as per Electrical Standards and Regulations.
  • Does it include site clean up.


When asking for a quote, don’t forget the following items you may wish to add or consider.

  • That there are sufficient power points in each room.
  • The quality of lights, fittings, switches, tiles and carpets.
  • Is the granny flat pre wired for Foxtel, an aerial, NBN for the Internet and network cabling for computers.


What You Should Ask


  • Do I have a set contract at a fixed price.
  • What sort of contract will be used and who is the contract actually with?
  • Do you have to pay money upfront and do they require part payments throughout the process.
  • What is the time frame of the project

Granny Flats Things To Consider Central Coast Granny Flats

Granny Flats Things To Consider Central Coast Granny Flats

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